Boxwood Gulch Ranch

This is a guided, walk and wade, river fishing experience on the North Fork of the South Platte River. You will have approximately one mile of the river at Boxwood and 2 miles at Long Meadow to fish depending on the section/sections that you reserve.

We can very easily accommodate your group of up to 20 anglers. We do it all the time. Sales meetings, product introductions, team building, entertaining customers, employees, friends & family are all occasions that can be made more meaningful by spending the day at Boxwood. You will be fly fishing for huge trout, on private property, with some of the best guides in Colorado. Many of our customers take the first couple of hours for their business/meeting and then spend the balance of the day fly fishing and developing relationships with the members of their group. Our Outfitters can provide everything your group will need: Breakfast, lunch, all equipment, flies, instruction, knowledgeable friendly guides, and a good time.